Finding the right school for your child is a difficult enough task by itself, but there are so many areas within a child’s development in which parental help or advice is necessary that the list is pretty much exhaustive.  So when it occurred to us that the blog we had launched to focus upon the relatively narrow field of choosing a school might benefit from broadening its perspective to include all aspects of parental guardianship we felt we had no option but to rise to the challenge.

And so this site, although rooted in matters surrounding school placement, has developed into a resource which in practice embraces the whole sphere of growing up and of the issues that that gives rise to.  So whilst we may talk about what makes a good school and what you should be looking for in respect of your child’s educational needs, it may also cross over into advice on what time you should expect your child home from the pictures at whatever age, what is an appropriate way to dress or keeping safe and avoiding inappropriate behaviour on the internet.

After all when you think about it, this is all part of the process of education.  Schools and parents are at their most effective when they are on the same wavelength, and work together and in unison.  Sometimes this can easily be forgotten.

How You Can Help Build This Blog

We are teachers not lecturers, and our work on this blog should be seen as being more like a classroom discussion than a seminar with an audience which sits in silence listening to words of wisdom from the platform.  We want your input, and the benefit of your experience, to give this facility scope and some real diversity.

We are pleased to say our weekly readership now rolls well into the thousands, so contributing your written work will mean it is seen by a great many of those people.  Or in other words as well as providing you with a backlink to your own site from one with a good deal of authority your work will also be brought to the attention of a niche audience with a real interest in the subject matter of your piece.

The Specifications

The wording of your article is entirely down to you – as long as it is on topic and appropriate to the wider theme of the blog of course.  Ordinarily the contributions we use are in the region of 500-800 words, and can either be published anonymously or can include your byline, absolutely according to your preference.  For those in need of a little inspiration, ideas for a subject might include the following:

  • Should I Insist Upon Using Parental Controls on the Internet?
  • What Time is Reasonable for a Teenager to Be In By?
  • Discipline – What is Acceptable and What Goes Beyond?
  • Are Faith Schools More Desirable?
  • How Do I Find Out About a School’s Performance?
  • Should Peer Influence Be a Factor in Choosing a School?