Our Mission

You’ll seldom make a more important decision in your life than about where to send your children for their educational needs and development.

It feels like like there is very little time between the shock of parenthood – and invariably it comes as a shock even though we’ve had several months to prepare for it – and that moment when we have to decide where to send them to school.  And indeed it isn’t very long, for although three years or so may be a lifetime to your little one it is but the blinking of an eye to us as adults.

Even before reception, and then primary school proper, we often preoccupy ourselves with our children’s nursery education, with giving them a head start before they take that uncertain plunge into full-time education.  Where they go before school may in some cases have a bearing on which school they may move on to, as indeed may your place of worship, if you have one. Location is also very frequently a major factor, and some parents actually take the step of physically moving to a different area in order to secure a place at a more sought-after school, such is the sense of importance that many attach to this question.

Reputations and Standards

And then, some years later, the same decisions have to be taken all over again.  Senior school is where children really do begin to get their heads down and work towards either a rewarding job or a place at an establishment of further education.  Where you send them is often of vital importance, not only because the reputations and standards of the respective schools in the area but also, sometimes, because one establishment may simply be more suitable to a particular pupil’s personality or disposition than another.

When choices of this magnitude need to be made it is rarely enough just to follow a hunch, or to listen to chatter at the school gates.  Websites need to be visited, prospectuses read and data analysed. School visits, usually, will be on the agenda too. Important choices are not often easy choices to make.

Who We Are and How We Can Help

We are Phil and Ruth Haynesworth, and as well as being husband and wife we are also both teachers.  And although, having no children of our own, we would not presume to give advice to anybody about parenting, our occupations do of course qualify us to take a view on what to look for in a school.  We know just how important it is to have the right atmosphere at a place of learning, and the essential role played by teamwork and clarity of purpose.

We have created this blog as a hopefully useful tool for parents, either to give advice or to source the recommendations, experience and opinions of others.  What’s more a whole range of advice and opinions will always be on offer as this is an interactive facility through which parents should and do get involved in exchanging information.  We hope you will join in, sharing insight and also gaining it from others.